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Quality Personalized Receipt Books in Centreville Michigan

Our company’s focus on low prices, fantastic customer service, high quality products and free customization is the formula that has made us so successful for over 81 years.

We have customers that have been reordering for over twenty years, and several of our employees have been with the company since the early 1970s.

Today Superior Receipt Book Company uses cutting edge technology and maintains a huge customer base, but we still have the heart of the original company, operating out of a small garage. We take pride in the quality and service every single customer receives, and we continue to integrate cherished family values into all of our business practices when providing Personalized Receipt Books in Centreville Michigan.

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History and Highlights

1930 – 2011

Superior Receipt Book Company was founded by Thomas Birkhold in the early 1930s, working out of his garage in Nottawa, Michigan. He designed and instituted the very popular receipt book format that continues to be a part of the company to this day.

Thomas was working full time at a paper mill, so his brothers John, Ralph, and Clifford sold the receipt books throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Thomas died an untimely death in 1940, so his brother LeRoy relocated it to the “Back Room” of his house in Centreville, Michigan. LeRoy Birkhold worked at a pattern shop in Kalamazoo, Michigan, so his son Bill and daughter Jean, both in high school, assisted in processing orders.

Each order was customized to every client’s specific needs, as they still are today. Then they were hand-fed through a printing press, then collated, punched and bound into books. Only when they reached LeRoy’s exacting standards were the orders considered complete.

Bill also traveled in his uncles’ footsteps, selling receipt books from state to state during summer breaks from school. The company also generated sales with the company’s first mail campaign. Family members would contribute by collecting phone books while vacationing in various states, and LeRoy would select a customer base, such as attorneys, and send literature to them.

After five years of growth, LeRoy had a small building erected on a commercial lot in Centreville, purchased a linotype machine. This new press enabled him to set his own type, allowing for greater flexibility and productivity. Each order still had to be set individually, and multiple-copy receipts had to be printed and numbered one by one on a hand-fed windmill press before being punched and bound into books. A good workday produced only fifty books at a time, but family members helped out by addressing and stuffing the mailing materials.

Much appreciated repeat business along with purchased mailing lists helped the company continue to grow and prosper. They also switched from bond paper-requiring carbon paper to make multiple copy receipts-to NCR (carbonless) paper, a new development in the industry.

In 1983, after more than forty years running Superior Receipt Book, LeRoy’s health began to fail. His son Bill left his successful real estate career to run the fifty-three year-old family business, while his daughter Jean continued to help with the direct mailing advertising and other areas. After LeRoy’s death later that year, his children agreed that Bill would take the position of President of the company. Jean had earned esteem as a business woman in the Jackson area, and she filled the role of Secretary/Treasurer and was duly apprised of company operations on a regular basis.

Bill’s daughter Cheryl Gilbert left a successful sales career to assist in the family business in 1985. Cheryl had experience in the printing industry and implemented many changes to the printing technology to help the company keep up with the ever-growing numbers of orders coming in. Adding an offset printing, photo electrostatic printing plates helped, along with using pre-processed paper to eliminate labor-intensive cutting and perforating. These changes enabled a small staff of four people, including Bill, to successfully complete thousands of orders a year. Cheryl’s business insight and knowledge helped grow sales and the company became even more successful.


The family mourned the losses of Bill and Jean in 2000, but Cheryl continued to uphold the company’s traditional values and high standards. Cheryl worked to launch the company’s first website in 2001, allowing customers additional convenient options for ordering. Later their decision to computerize parts of the process enabled the company to offer personalized logos at no additional charge, and offer further customization of all products.

In 2008 Cheryl’s daughter Joey moved back to Michigan from her position as the manager of a large law firm in Nashville to join Superior. Joey took on the large responsibilities of accounting and bookkeeping-a big step from her old job of stuffing Superior mailings with her cousins when she was a teen.

Today Cheryl is Superior Receipt Book Company’s President and sole owner, and with Joey’s help the company has continued their growth pattern through the recent recession without lowering standards or cutting corners.